Guest lessons


Guestlesson Group B Arthur Messelaar

From 10.10h – 11.00h, there was a presentation given by Arthur Messelaar. After a short introduction of himself, he started off by telling about the characteristics of waves, such as amplitudes, frequency and wavelengths.

From both the Norwegians and the Dutchmen there were students who don’t have science (yet) as a course they follow at school. So not only the Norwegians learned about waves, but the Dutchmen as well. Our knowledge was tested by Mr Messelaar, when he asked us a few questions about the information that was just presented. At the end of the presentation he did an experiment about how a wave changes when you change certain things like the frequency or the vibration time.

After the guest lesson we asked Frida Trandem Holtan about her thoughts on the lesson. At first she understood the lesson, but when time passed by, it became a little bit harder to follow. But she enjoyed the lesson and said Mr Messelaar was a cool teacher.

Ties de Haan and Luuk Brekelmans

Language course
Guestlesson Group A Hanna van Duivenbode

The lesson was from 10.10h till 11.00h

 The lesson started with a short introduction. After miss Van Duivebode had shown us the game we were going to play, she divided the pupils in 3 separate groups. The dutch pupils had to read  norwegian sentences aloud and the norwegian pupils dutch sentences. It was very funny to talk in a strange language like that, it was very difficult though because some of the letters are pronounced differently. Only when the other nationality could understand your sentence you got rewarded with one point. A nice detail was that the group who had earned the most points won a chocolate letter. A chocolate letter is a traditional candy when “Sinterklaas” with his “Zwarte Pieten” comes to the netherlands to give presents and candy to the Dutch children.

Bloem van den Brekel and Rein van Duivenboden