We interviewed three teenagers (Henrik, Ingrid and Martin) from Norway.


Henrik is staying with Timo. He told us he had to get up at 05.00 and his trip took 1,5 hour. He had a nice trip and there wasn’t any turbulence. He is used to fly, because his dad worked at the airport. ‘It’s great!’ It’s exactly what he expected. He said that it’s warmer here. Henrik is expected to have a good time, get to know new people, make some new friends and learn to speak better English.


Ingrid is staying with Bente. She pointed out that Holland is flat, houses are attached and that everyone here uses a bike. She’s been here before, in Amsterdam. She said that it’s different in the north and south of Norway. South is more popular. At school they learn to speak American English and not British. Ingrid said that our countries have a lot in common. She doesn’t understand a word of Dutch, although because of her German lessons she said she could figure out a few words. She said the pronunciation is really different and that makes it difficult.

Martin is staying with Joep. He had a nice flight. He thinks we have nice weather, it wasn’t raining in Amsterdam and it has been raining in Norway all year. ‘Everybody is cycling around. In Norway everybody is driving around.’ Martin plays handball, it’s very popular in Norway. He also said that the food was the same.

Jordan van der Graaf and Jonatan Diebels