Sunday evening, the 9th of November, the Kristall Night is commemorrated in several places in Amsterdam. 76 years ago the Nazi’s fired the synagogues in Germany, murdered Jews and destroyed Jewish shops and homes. The Platform ‘Stop Racism and Exclusion’ held an annual memorial with speeches and Yiddish songs in the Jewish Resistance Monument at the Amsterdam City Hall.

The Central Jewish Board held a memorial meeting in the Portuguese Synagogue on the Mr. Visserplein. Minister Lodewijk Asscher (Social Affairs and Employment) took the floor and Liza Ferschtman was playing violin.

A wreath is laid for the Dutch Theatre every year. That's where Jews were gathered in the war by the Nazis, for their transport to Germany. The wreath-laying ceremony is moved this year to the courtyard of the Dutch Theater, because of the permanent monitoring of the police that stands in front of the building.

“It kinda hurts'', according to Asscher on the relocation of the wreath laying, ''That such a monument should be monitored. It feels like a disgrace to our society."

"I understand the necessity, but that this place, that my life is inseparable, must be continuously monitored, feels like an indictment. I do not want to live in a country where the Kristallnight can only be commemorated with guards at the door.'' To dwell on Kristallnacht, the Central Jewish Board wants the signal to stay alert on anti-Semitism and racism.


Written by:   Amy van Stiphout & Djieuwke van der Horst.