How to make ‘pannenkoeken’

‘Pannenkoeken’ are thinner than the American pancakes but thicker than the French crêpes. The taste is somewhat similar, but not quite the same. They are very easy to make and you can put whatever you want on them. From cheese to cherries, almost everything tastes good on them. The basic recipe for these ‘pannenkoeken’.

Ingredients (for 10x):

-250 gr flour

-2 eggs

-500 ml milk

-some butter to bake them in

-a pinch of salt




-Sift the flour and a pinch of salt into a large bowl and make a little pit in the center.

-Put both of the eggs (all of them, except the shell of course) in that little pit.

-Start whisking the batter with care, you don’t want lumps in it.

-Pour the milk slowly into the batter but keep stirring! Continue this until you poured all the milk and the batter is smooth and all the flour is used up.

-Pour some of the batter in a frying pan (be sure to have it greased with some butter)

-Bake the ‘pannenkoek’ until the underside is light-brown, then flip it over and bake the other side light-brown



Smakelijk eten! Nyt måltidet!



By Merel Spanjers and Puck van der Bruggen


Let me introduce a famous Dutch snack: the ‘frikandel’.
It’s a long, skinless, dark-coloured, deep-fried meat sausage. The frikandel was created by Gerrit de Vries in 1954. He made meatballs but had to change the recipe. His solution was making a sausage instead of a ball.
The frikandel is the most famous snack in The Netherlands. Dutchmen eat on average 37 ‘frikandellen’ a year.
There are many ways to eat a frikandel, for instance on bread or with fries. There is also the ‘frikandel speciaal’ (the special frikandel). The frikandel is cut almost in half and filled with mayonnaise, curry ketchup and chopped raw onions.
Sjonnie Noordeinde has the world record for eating frikandellen. He ate 47 frikandellen in only one hour. So I recommend to visit a local snackbar if you’re in The Netherlands and order a delicious and famous frikandel!

Puck van der Bruggen and Merel Spanjers