Party hard, Feste hardt

Party hardy • Feste hardt


Yesterday evening, the 10th of November,  a school party was held for the students from the Van Maerlantlyceum and their exchange students. It took place in the Oude Rechtbank at Stratum. The party began at 8 PM and ended at 12 AM. As always, at the beginning of the party everybody had to loosen up a bit, but after a while everyone was having a blast. There was a disk jockey who played the music, which was very nice. Everyone was dancing and having a good time.

There were various different places for the students to be at the party. You could dance inside, in front of the DJ and there also was a courtyard you could sit and chat. This variety of places was nice because you could sit outside and relax if you didn’t feel like dancing. Twice that evening, the music had fallen out. It didn’t stop the dancing, though. Everybody kept the party going themselves.  The second time the music had fallen out, everybody had to move to the club next door, where the sound was perfectly working. Most of the exchange students had a really good time. They actually were the first ones who started dancing. The atmosphere was really great. Overall, the party was a big success.


Written by Amy van Stiphout and Djieuwke van der Horst.