The ‘Rijksmuseum’ is a museum dedicated to arts and history. The museum is located at the Museum Square in Amsterdam. It is nearby the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Concertgebouw. The Rijksmuseum was originally established in The Hague also known as ‘Den Haag’. In 1808 the Rijksmuseum moved to Amsterdam. The current building is designed by Pierre Cuypers. He combinated Gothic and Renaissance elements in a style that is called ‘Neogothic’.  The building contains over 200 rooms and the rooms are full of art and history pieces. The collection paintings were made between the 15th and 19th century.

Most of them are paintings from Dutch painters. A few come from Italian artists. Not only paintings are shown in the Rijksmuseum also furniture, jewerly, sculptures and so go on! There are over 500 pieces of art in the museum. The museum has various highlights which are shown in a special room. This is one of the biggest rooms in the whole museum. At the end of the room is stading the most populair painting of the Rijksmuseum, it is ‘De Nachtwacht’ made by Rembrandt van Rijn. The painting was made for the ‘kloveniersdoelen’. ‘kloveniersdoelen’ are association buildings of the civic guard in Amsterdam. Rembrandt made a group painting of them. The frequently asked question is who the girl in the back is. The aswer on that question is that she’s the mascot is of the civic guard. In short the Rijksmuseum is a museum where you can see history and art pieces in a beautiful environment.

Dave Rijnders