In the Netherlands we play a lot of different sports, like tennis and hockey. But by far is soccer the most popular sport in the Netherlands and everyone knows at least something about soccer. There is a TV show called 'Studio Sport' that aires every Sunday at 19pm. In 'Studio Sport' you can see all the highlights of soccer games. You can also see the highlights of other sport but only when there is a major competition, like the World Cup or the Olympics.

There are a lot of soccer fans and almost all of them have their own favorite club. Sometimes there are fights between fans. The most fights are between Feyenoord fans and Ajax fans, because they’re rivals. We also got a lot of fans for our national team. In 2010 at the World Cup in South-Africa the Netherlands was the most supported team

Here in Eindhoven resides the current number 1 team of the country : PSV what stands for 'Philips Sport Vereniging' and translates to philips sport club. They have their own stadium : the 'Philips Stadion'

This is the intermediate position of the Dutch league.

Kevin Hu and Jonatan Diebels