Trip to Amsterdam

This morning the Norwegians and the Dutchmen had to wake up early, because it was time to go to Amsterdam! Everyone was ready for the bus to leave at 7.45 am. After a 1.5 hour trip, the students arrived in Amsterdam. The students were excited to go sightseeing.


From 10.15h - 12.30h, the students went on a guided tour, followed by two hours of spending free time in Amsterdam. Some students went shopping in Amsterdam's famous shopping streets, others decided to have a drink at a cafe.


The group went to the Rijksmuseum, the most well known museum in the Netherlands. After 1.5 hours at the Rijksmuseum, it was time for the group to go back to Eindhoven. But the way back lasted longer than expected. The bus was part of the second biggest congestion in the Netherlands this year.


We asked Sol, who stays with Lieven, about the way she experienced the day:


When you were on the bus heading to Amsterdam, what were your thoughts?

- I was very excited to see Amsterdam and do all the sightseeing. For example the bridges, the red light district, the shopping streets and 'de dam'.


Was the visit to the Rijksmuseum like your expectations?

- I enjoyed the visit to the Rijksmuseum. It was different from what I expected, but in a good way. I didn't expect there to be an explanation about every single painting or art piece.


Where have you been when you had free time in Amsterdam?

- I've done a lot of things in my free time. After having been to the red light district and having taken pictures of bridges and the canals I went to a cafe to have a drink. I've also visited some small streets where you can shop or get something to eat.



When the group arrived in the evening at the Van Maerlantlyceum, a big amount of the students went to Lieven's, where Sol stayed for the week, to have dinner. After eating soup and ordering french fries for thirty persons and a nice evening with music, the students went to the house they stayed for the week at 00.30 pm. The students that didn't went to Lieven's, had a dinner in Eindhoven. 

Ties de Haan and Luuk Brekelmans