Over 1,4 million raised to fight ebola

Giro555 is a fundraiser to fight Ebola which is held in the Netherlands. Giro555 is opened by the SHO (“Samenwerkende Hulporganisaties” / cooperating relief organizations) on the fifth of November and it’s named “Stop de Ebola-ramp” which means “Stop the Ebola-disaster”.  In the first five days of this fundraiser over 1,4 million euros has been collected. Henri van Eeghen (action president of the SHO): “It’s beautiful to see how the people in the Netherlands are making an effort to try to stop this horrible disease. This is a wonderful start. The Netherlands is showing again that we are very involved and concerned about the misery of people far away.” He’s very happy with the actual results and is hoping it’ll continue to go on like this.

Djieuwke van der Horst