Philips museum

Today the group had a trip to the Philips museum. When they arrived they got an iPad which they had to use for the tour. So they had to do it with the technology instead of a tour guide. They have seen all kinds of things, like X-ray and MRI devices. Their tour took two hours.

In 1891 Gerard Philips has set up the firm Philips & co with his father Frederik Philips. The company was located in Eindhoven in an empty office building. Competition in the lamp market was already large at that time. Gerard makes a difference by focusing entirely on the mass production of light bulbs. Anton Philips in 1895 is hired to take over the sales themselves. It turns out to be successful. He sold 200,000 bulbs in 1895. Three years later over 1,000,000. In the late 90’s, Philips & Co. is one of the largest producers in the Netherlands and with 1000 employees the largest industrial employer.



Jonatan Diebels and Jordan van der Graaf