"open podium"

In the hall of the school  is a smal stage where you can play music or sing. It is called the ‘openpodium’  translated to English it is called a stage where you can perform if you want to. On the stage there is a piano, a gitar, an electric guitar, a bass, drums and a microphone. But you cant play whole day. You are allowed to play in the breaks. But when the break is over you can’t play anymore, because it would be nuisancing. Some students who play in a band improvise in the time they can play on the stage. but also soloist can show their musical tallents. For instance you can play the piano or sing a song. We don’t have this every week, but beacause it is international week they placed instruments and put a stage in the schoolhall. So if you can sing, play drums or anything else, feel free to enter the ‘openpodium’ and show us what you got!

Dave Rijnders