velbekomme og quiz!

Wednesday evening the students all ate dinner together. The evening started at 19:00 and ended at 23:00. Afterwards they had their desserts wich included poptart, pancakes, “appelflappen”, pudding, cakes and brownies. The dutch students had prepared these themselves! When they had all had enough to eat there was a pubquiz hosted by the dutch teachers. The quiz had four rounds of each ten questions. The questions were about all the different cultures of the exchange students. The four teams with the most points were awarded a giftbag. It seemed like the students were enjoying themselves by the way they cheered every round a team was awarded. After a long night of enjoying the delicious food and quizing it ended at 22.30, when all the students helped eachother to tidy up the room. At 23.00 the students biked home or were picked up by the parents. This night seems like it was a succesful one!

Kevin Hu and Jordan van der Graaf