Everybody knows christmas, it's the time of the year when everybody is happy and everywhere are lights. In the Netherlands there is not only christmas, there is also another holiday we celebrate: Sinterklaas. It's a little bit like christmas, a childrens holiday. The story is about an 300 year old man, who comes from spain every year with his helpers. These helpers are not elves, like the helpers of santa claus, they are "zwarte pieten", or in English called: black pete. In the story they are black because they bring presents through the chimney. At this moment in the Netherlands there is made a big fuss about black pete. Some people think it's discrimination, just because the character black pete is "black". But most people from the Netherlands think it is total nonsense that a little group of people want to change an very old tradition. This holiday is for children, why should grown ups interfere with that? As long as the children love black pete, and they are happy, Sinterklaas has to stay the same. Children don't see black pete as someone black, they see him as a good person who brings presents every year. So I think that grown ups have to stop acting like children and make sure the children have the time of their lives.

Amber van Erven