Yellow gold

When you think about Holland, you think about cheese. An average Dutchman eats about 15 kilos of cheese a year. Our cheeses are known all around the world for its combination of poignancy and sweetness. Most of the cheeses are named after the cities where they are produced. The most popular are Gouda and Edam, but there are many other types, such as: Frisian, Limburger, Maasdam, Old Amsterdam and Maasland. Throughout the country people are able to attend cheese festivals, markets and many other things.

Cheese has been made since the prehistory. Even Julius Caesar wrote about how surprised he was about the cheese production in The Netherlands. In the Middle Ages the cheese production became very important, cheese had become an export product. Ever since the whole world knows Holland as a country full of cheese. We cheese-heads recommend you to sample the yellow gold, and be just as surprised as Julius Caesar was.



Puck van der Bruggen and Merel Spanjers