If you like fries, kebab, cheese and a salad, just put it all together! A Dutch man, Nathaniël Gomes, frequently went to the kebab shop and always ordered these things together. He is a hairdresser so after a while they started to call his meal ‘kapsalon’, this means hair salon. It’s a weird name, for a slightly strange but very tasty meal.


You can make kapsalon yourself, it’s very easy. You’ll need an aluminium tray or something similar, and you can start building this dish. First you’ll need to fry the (French) fries and put them on the bottom of the tray. After that you put the kebab on top of the fries, and a layer of (Goudse) cheese. Now put it under the grill until the cheese has melted. If you like, put some garlic sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots or whatever you like on top. And done! Why don’t you just go to a local kebab shop and ask for this, maybe it will become as famous in Norway as in The Netherlands.


Puck van der Bruggen and Merel Spanjers