Show of the year

Victoria’s Secret, who doesn’t know the brand. It has the most beautiful lingerie and swimwear. The models are perfect, that’s the reason they are called angels. One of the most famous angels is our own Doutzen Kroes. 

Every year there is held a fashion show. This year the show airs on December 9th, and it is held in London, the capital city of Great- Britain. Doutzen is not the only model from the Netherlands that walks the show this year, there are four other dutchies that have the honour to walk the show too. These models are: Bregje Heinen, Imaan Hammam, Romee strijd and Maud Welzen. Every year VS has a special bra which is especially made for them: the fantasy bra. This year they have done something different because there are two, both worth 2 million dollars. The models who are going to show these are Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

 I think it’s the most known fashion show all over the world and it’s the thing most girls en boys look forward to. Girls love the show because they want to be like the models, and boys love it because they want a girl like them. Some people don’t like Victoria’s secret, they think it stimulates eating disorders among young girls. The models are thin and have perfect flat stomachs. Girls can feel very insecure if they compare themselves to these models. But I think that that isn’t the case. Of course, the models are thin and look perfect, but that isn’t by eating nothing. On social media promotes VS their models well, you can watch little clips about how they work out. The viewer must know that they don’t starve themselves and that they are actually very fit. The big fuss that is made about girls get anorexic by seeing the models doesn’t make sense. I think girls only get more motivated by seeing their bodies, and to be fair, with all the overweight in the world, that’s a good thing.


Amber van Erven