The ‘Parktheater’ is the theatre of Eindhoven it is stading in the south part of Eindhoven. It is locationed with the citypark.that’s why the it is called the ‘parktheater’ or do parktheatre park means also park in dutch. The building was rebuilded in 2007. Before the rebuilding the parktheatre was called ‘stadschouwburg’, translated into English it is called city theatre. The building contains 3 halls where you can watch show’s, musicals, thetre plays and so go on. The biggest room is the ‘endinet zaal’ earlier this room was called the ‘NRE-zaal’. In this room there fit over 950 people. The second biggest room is the ‘philipszaal’. This hall was opened in 2007, so after the rebuilding. In this room there fit 520 people. The last and smallest hall is called the ’kameleon’ before it was called ‘globetheater’. This space is used for little representations ans there fit les than 250 people in it. so if you like to see plays, musicals or concerts, and you are in the nabourhood of Eindhoven. You can go tho the parktheatre.

Dave Rijnders