Establishment asylum center Eindhoven allowed

The decision to establish a refugee center in a former nursing home in Eindhoven, was careless and hasty, but the need for care is so big, that refugees can come.

The judge in Eindhoven has ruled wednesday in a lawsuit of some local residents, against the municipality.

The arrival of seven hundred asylum seekers was announced in September. Very soon they are expected in Eindhoven. The local residents are against the arrival of the refugees, because they are afraid of trouble.

The judge doesn’t understand why the church felt it necessary to decide on a request from the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), without consultation for example the police officer and the neighborhood association.

''Even though such consultation may not be mandatory, from the viewpoint of good preparation it had been in place, '' said the statement.

''We are satisfied that we as can catch refugees for two years as planned,'' said a statement. The local residents are disappointed with the ruling.

The building where the asylum center is going to be, had been seeting on fire last month. The damage was limited but the recovery took some time. The perpetrator hasn’t been found yet.



Amy van Stiphout